About Us

UNISEA is the prompt supplier and organizer of all necessary services for your vessels. We operate at all strategic ports of Ukraine with positive references from Captains and Owners and we are always ready to cooperation.

All foods, delivered on boards of vessels, are under control by the Veterinary, Sanitary and Epidemiological Administration of Ukraine with confirmed by Certificate. We supply only the highest quality products and control their shelf life in accordance with ISO 9001.

We can offer such services as:

  1. All requests of foods
  2. Bonded stores
  3. Potable water supply
  4. Fuel bunkering on outer roadstead
  5. Marine oils and chemicals
  6. Recharging Oxygen and Acetylene
  7. Slings, chains and other riggings with the necessary certificates
  8. IMO symbols, charts and publication.
  9. Discharge on outer roadstead the sludge and bilge water;
  10. Performance of inspection and service of Fi-Fi and safety equipment’s (certified by VIKING)
  11. Cleaning the tanks, by authorized personnel
  12. Delivery of seamen from outer roadstead to the shore and back
  13. Transportation and excursions of crewmembers etc.
  14. UNISEA is official distributor of phone cards, which we can propose to you with suitable prices.

For permanent clients we have special program of discounts.

We are hoping for our further cooperation!