The key objectives of our company are maintenance of our reputation and maximization of customer satisfaction. So far we have won loyalty from our customers due to our good quality, certificated by not only national authorities but also international qualified control companies.

Our dream and vision is to satisfy our customers by solving all these problems thereby creating long-term partnerships. We carefully follow the consumer market. Therefore we are able to offer our customers attractive articles for profitable prices.

We are open to new needs and challenges of our clients and ship owners.

Our commitments include:

  • strive to provide our customers with the most fresh food, quality goods with a number of household chemicals, personal care products, as well as all kinds of logistical support
  • provide permanent monitoring of the needs of our clients and strive to satisfy them
  • provide quality services to every client in time
  • close interaction with our customers to ensure that our activities are transparent and understandable
  • ensure that Company «UNISEA » would always be staffed by a team of motivated and initiative professionals
  • continuously improve our level of service based on the ongoing review of quality standards